Far and away

Anthro’s Away We Go: Vietnam campaign has left me with a definite case of wanderlust.

Here I am, burrowed deep beneath layers in the new Arctic formerly known as Chicago, watching these clips of a far-away place filled with color, mystery, and above all warm temperatures. I admit to being a little smitten with the idea of leaving all of this snow behind and going on an adventure. I guess a hot bubble bath will have to suffice in the meantime.

Let’s comfort ourselves with a cup of hot cocoa (we deserve whipped cream on top), and a few links to like.

Have a great, and hopefully sparkly, weekend!


Brushes and baskets.

Two of the world’s most humble (and ubiquitous) household objects. People have plunged heavy, wooden brushes into buckets of soapy, hot water for millenia. They have scrubbed garden soil from under their nails, and old milk from baby bottles. They have carried their vegetables, their firewood, their homemade jams, and their children in sturdy woven baskets for even longer. From the days when the baby Moses got a ride on the Nile River, to last Christmas when we squealed to see that Harry and David basket on the kitchen counter, just exploding with chocolate-covered blueberries, butter cookies, and summer sausage, the human race has kept things in order and brightened the home with brushes and baskets.

That’s why I think it’s fitting to spend some time appreciating the beauty and simplicity of these humble objects. And to add some to our wish lists, because these are just so nicely made.

1. Redecker Round Dust Brush, Crate and Barrel. 2. Savon de Marseille Kitchen Brush, Anthropologie. 3. Oversized Seagrass Basket, West Elm. 4. Emlyn Oval Basket, Crate and Barrel. 5. Beechwood Dish Brush, Terrain.  6. Palm Basket, Alder & Co. 7. Redecker Hand Brush, Crate and Barrel .