Several hundred dollars worth of sandals I’mma have to have.

As of the time I’m writing this, it’s only sixteen days, twenty-two hours, and five minutes until the first day of spring. That is literally all there is left of winter. And if you read this post you know how ready I am for this. I’m so ready. Like leaving for Disney World tomorrow ready. Like the chocolate chip cookies in the oven are almost ready ready. Like I’ve been starving myself all day and Thanksgiving dinner will be served in five minutes ready. I think you get my point.

So, like most everyone else, I’ve been pouring through the online shops looking at new spring outfits and shoes, because at this point hope is all we have to cling to. And so: Revolve. Um, they’re over there being all amazing with the New Arrivals and such.

I just feel the first thing to get going on is a new pair of sandals. No particular reason, per se, but it’s probably because subconciously sandals feel the most hot-weather-y. Like, if you can go outside and have your feet exposed, a pool party is about to go down. Here’s a few fab pairs in my go-to black, and one in a not-at-all-hippyish brown, that I’m really digging right now, and would have teleported into my closet immediately if psychic Santa Claus existed (I’m still hoping he does).

All images are via Revolve.


Coming down and staying down.

In a former life, I wore heels. It’s true. Before I decided to stay home with my two little girls and take on this (most fabulous) homeschool mom (ever) role, I worked as an interior designer in the Chicago Loop. You see, as I just said, I wore heels. Cute ones, sexy ones, sky-high ones. And at 5’9 in my stocking feet, I would add another three, four inches and become this towering, sashaying, monument to style. It was all very chic and glamorous (and how I attracted my husband I might add). I loved being creative and fashionable, but girl, my feet were killing me, like, all the time.

All that to say, I don’t miss wearing heels at. all.

Okay, for weddings and other fancy to-dos, yes, I will cram my toes into those pointy tips. But on a day to day basis, I’ve got my feet planted firmly on the ground. Now designers and retailers are finally catching on that flats need to be sleek, cute, and sexy too. Thank goodness, because I was about ready to flip over that fake Crocs kiosk at the mall.

Here, look at these lovely styles. Come my darlings, be grounded with me.

1. Gap electric blue T-straps. Outfit styled via Triple Thread.

2. SixtySeven’s Pebble Madison flat via Free People.

3. Bailee Shoeboot via Free People.

4. Strappy beige flats via Free People.

5. Remember these sleek, loafer cuties from my post about Joinery?

6. Isabel Marant’s Lilo ballerina flat via Totokaelo.

7. Jeffery Campbell’s In Love Rose Gold flat via Need Supply Co..

8. Rachel Comey’s Whistle Flat via Anaise.

PS. Speaking of heels, have you seen Refinery 29’s post about Zara’s new high heeled mules that’re meant to be ruined? Yeaah, I like Zara and all, but I fear someone over there’s been sniffing the glue again. What do you think?


I recently visited the curated shop, Joinery, for a little fashion inspo. What a trove! Dresses, pull-overs, accessories, and jewelry — all just breathtaking in their simplicity. The details, it’s all in the details. I stayed for several minutes just letting my eyes feast, then I scurried back here to share. You’re so very welcome.

All images via Joinery. PS. visit their Living section for many pretty things for the home.

Far and away

Anthro’s Away We Go: Vietnam campaign has left me with a definite case of wanderlust.

Here I am, burrowed deep beneath layers in the new Arctic formerly known as Chicago, watching these clips of a far-away place filled with color, mystery, and above all warm temperatures. I admit to being a little smitten with the idea of leaving all of this snow behind and going on an adventure. I guess a hot bubble bath will have to suffice in the meantime.

Let’s comfort ourselves with a cup of hot cocoa (we deserve whipped cream on top), and a few links to like.

Have a great, and hopefully sparkly, weekend!

Book trailers are a thing, and other weekend amusements.

So yeah, books have trailers now. I know that because I am au courant (which is French for “knowing the newest information and trends…eventually”) and a zeitgeist (which is German for “I’m on Twitter”).

The New Yorker posted the trailer for B.J. Novak’s (The Office) new book, “One More Thing”. Novak is a smart guy. He featured Mindy Kaling and referenced Sartre in the same trailer. So funny. I’m getting the book based on those two merits alone.

When you’ve finished being impressed with the unbelievable beauty and complexity of Mindy Kaling, here’s some more amusing links to like this weekend:

Director Adrian De Sa Garces’ unreal personal photo journal of his home town Walvis Bay, Namibia.

A vocabulary test that will tell you how many English words you know! Crucial information if you are, like me, a writer, a teacher, and a nerd.

These recipes featuring eggs that look so good I want to cry.

Just ordered this book on Amazon based purely on this intriguing blog post and some of the comments that follow. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a book that I knew nothing about.

A leather jacket I totally want.

Also, this helpful little primer gives practical suggestions for dressing your age. Maybe no leather skinnies for me after all!

Motawi’s brilliantly beautiful new additions to the Charlie Harper collection of ceramic art tiles. I’d love to redo all of my backsplashes with a few of these lovelies.

As a faithful wearer of red lipstick myself, I thought this was a good tip to avoid ring-around-the-mouth.

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Suzann

I’m so impressed with all of the lovely tops, dresses, kimonos, and scarves by Nashville designer, Elizabeth Suzann. These are minimal, fluid, beautiful pieces, impossibly elegant in their simplicity, and crafted by a self-taught designer with a sophisticated eye for cut and texture. Love.

Photos via Elizabeth Suzann.