Several hundred dollars worth of sandals I’mma have to have.

As of the time I’m writing this, it’s only sixteen days, twenty-two hours, and five minutes until the first day of spring. That is literally all there is left of winter. And if you read this post you know how ready I am for this. I’m so ready. Like leaving for Disney World tomorrow ready. Like the chocolate chip cookies in the oven are almost ready ready. Like I’ve been starving myself all day and Thanksgiving dinner will be served in five minutes ready. I think you get my point.

So, like most everyone else, I’ve been pouring through the online shops looking at new spring outfits and shoes, because at this point hope is all we have to cling to. And so: Revolve. Um, they’re over there being all amazing with the New Arrivals and such.

I just feel the first thing to get going on is a new pair of sandals. No particular reason, per se, but it’s probably because subconciously sandals feel the most hot-weather-y. Like, if you can go outside and have your feet exposed, a pool party is about to go down. Here’s a few fab pairs in my go-to black, and one in a not-at-all-hippyish brown, that I’m really digging right now, and would have teleported into my closet immediately if psychic Santa Claus existed (I’m still hoping he does).

All images are via Revolve.


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