What a girl wants, what a girl needs.

I’m a woman raising girls who remembers what is was like to be a girl. In a word: awesome. Awesome because I liked girl-stuff, girl-talk, and girl-power (don’t hate on my clichés, ’cause they are girl-tastic). Here’s a partial list of reasons being a girl was Da Bomb back in the day:

  • Writing in chunky cursive and dotting my i’s with hearts and circles
  • Being able to sit quietly in class without hitting anybody or farting
  • Hula-hoops
  • White roller skates with pink wheels
  • Having your mom take you to the mall with a group of your friends to get your ears pierced
  • Saddle shoes
  • Sleepovers
  • Easy-bake Oven
  • Jordache Jeans

Obviously, “the day” was some time during the Reagan administration. Here are my girls and I don’t mind telling you that I find them rather charming. By the way, they made these photo collages themselves using Instaframe, a kid-friendly photo editor that they both love to use.

They like being girls too, and here’s some things they think are awesome here in “modern times” (as they referred to it after I shared my list). Maybe you know some girls who’ll think these things are awesome too.

Kids 5

Phylo Trading Cards

Kids 1

Bailey’s Flower Press

Kids 3

“Because it’s good to remember this about me when something’s scary, Mommy”, Strong, Beautiful, Brave Art Print


A pal (or several) from Coral and Tusk


Wood-handled slingshot with pom poms

The photos of my daughters were taken by me with my Iphone.


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