Winter don’t care.

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days. Everybody in my house has been sick. Being a Good Mom, of course I took care of everyone, and then I caught it. And that, my friends, is called The Thanks I Get. So as I lay huddled under blankets, all sinus-y and over-medicated, I got good and tired of winter.


Eventually, I got over my cold. But I was still feeling the effects of the chill. I’d been staring at 2-3 foot piles of snow and ice so long, I was seriously starting think we had a Narnia situation going on here. Right? Remember, how the White Witch cast a spell and so it was always winter and Christmas never came? Except that we did have Christmas, but that was before all the snow storms hit so. . . When I had a 102 degree fever this all seemed very reasonable.

The combination of heated air, flannel sheets, and sickness had my poor skin screaming for relief. The skin on my body was so dry and painfully itchy, while my face was so oily and flaky AT THE SAME TIME. And don’t even get me started on how scary and reptilian my hands were becoming. And my hair? So sad, because…like coils of straw. Doesn’t that sound like black magic to you? So now you understand my Narnia/White Witch conspiracy theory.

Why yes, I am low on Vitamin D, why do you ask?

Anyway, things were getting real, so I took matters into my own hands and beefed up my beauty regimen. I simply had to do something about that dry-itchy-oily-scaly-red-and-flaky situation I had going on. I am happy to report that my nearly defeated skin and hair are coming back to life. So I made this pretty little collage of some of the products that helped me get through this crisis.

Oh, and guess what? Temperatures are expected to hit the mid to high 50’s next week. This is the deep magic. Spring is coming to Narnia.

1. Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser by Lush.

2. Normaderm Anti-age serum by Vichy.

3. Time to Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream by Ahava.

4. Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4 in 1 mascara by Tarte.

5. Ultrabland cleanser and makeup remover by Lush.

6. Hibiscus tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees.

7. Limited Edition Rose Jam Shower Gel by Lush.

8. Healing Balm all-purpose moisturizer by Honest Company.

9. Dermud Nourishing Body Cream by Ahava.

10. Moroccan Argan Cream Shampoo and Conditioner by Organix.

11. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Conditioning Hair Perfume by Lush.

12. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Nutiva.

PS. This HuffPost article has something to say about refrigerating your beauty products. As if we need to do that this winter.


2 thoughts on “Winter don’t care.

  1. Hi Catherine. I usually use the Angels on Bare Skin on light makeup days with the Ultrabland as eye makeup remover. On days when I wear a full face of makeup, I use the Ultrabland all over massaging it in for a couple minutes the way the nice Lush salesperson showed me. Then I apply a very warm, wet washcloth over my whole face and let it steam for about 30 seconds before wiping clean. It makes for a great cleanser, but I just like the Angels better for everyday use.

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