Photos and words — a blogger’s tools of the trade.

A good blogger will use photos to tell a story, be it a fashion story, a design story, a cooking story, or the story of a beloved child, or trip.

Here’s a series of photos that I think tell another, less practical, more poetical story. The kind of story that inspires daydreaming, and wonderings, and what-ifs. The kind that offers warmth and a bit of fantasy on a snowy winter day such as today.

From the top:

1. “Love alone…” via Instagram

2. Dawn swimmer via Flickr

3. Balloon girl via Pinterest

4. Swinging via Republic of Nowhere

5. Window and rugs via Boots and Pine

6. Hemingway via Pinterest

7. Leotard and skirt via Pinterest

8. Feathers via Tattoo Ideas Central

9. Pressed flower via Tumblr

10. Woman at window via imgfave

11. “Do what you can” via Plum Pretty Sugar

12. Ballerina “Lost In Motion” (National Ballet of Canada) via Tumblr

13. Family photo via Lang Photographers

Plus a poetical Tumblr presenting images of beautiful, sculptural objects, and a link to its adjacent shop offering much of the same.


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