Date night for the cheap and intrepid.

date night

It’s not fair. I happen to be in love with my husband, so why is it so hard to find something fun to do together that isn’t something we do ALL the time, or doesn’t cause us to dip into the kids’ college funds to afford? Listen, I have limited time to spend on this, and so does he. We just want to do something fun. Something new. We want to hold hands and skip off together into a magical land of novel interests and never-before considered pursuits. This is not too much to ask.

So we signed up on one of those “let-us-plan-your-next-awesome-date” sites. I’m looking forward to trying duck liver mousse and pheasant galantine in a “rustic setting, a nod to the inns known as berghaus that offer refuge to hikers in the Alps”, for FREE y’all. That’s what I’m talking about.

How About We has the tagline: “Think outside the box of chocolates”. Nice. But I still would like some chocolate. Lot’s of free dates on this site.

Delightful claims to offer: “Curated Experiences for Two”. This is next level stuff when you go on an “experience” instead of a date. I think Mike and I have been married long enough for an experience. Plus they also offer freebies.

Of course there’s old stand-bys like Groupon and Living Social, which we tap into for all sorts of deals on couples and family fun. Well, what do you think? Have you heard of these sites? Would you try one of their dates?

Image courtesy of Some Ecards.


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