The quest for clean.


I just read “The 3 Things Rule” post on Apartment Therapy. Basically, you commit to putting away three things every day to keep the clutter down in your home, except those three things can’t be things you would have cleaned anyway.

“The rule to this rule is that these things must be in addition to your normal chores (example: in our house, putting away dishes is a daily chore, so a dish is not eligible as one of the “things”).” – Stephanie Strickland, Apartment Therapy

I guess everyone does some sort of habitual cleaning to keep bad smells, and possibly health inspectors, away. As I always say to my husband, “When it comes to maintaining minimum sanitation standards, we are all over that.” But really, it’s one or two out-of-place items that make a house look disheveled only hours after you’ve finished cleaning it. And it’s the creeping clutter over the course of a day or two that makes everything look, well, trashed. I find this the most frustrating thing of all. You clean, you polish, but it just won’t stay that way. Sigh.

So I kind of like this “3 Things” rule to help keep the clutter down. It’ll be hard to get everyone else in my house in the habit. Guess I’ll have to play Crazy Lady for a couple of days to let them know this is really happening.

What do you think of this as a rule to help keep your place looking tidy? Please don’t tell me clutter really isn’t a problem for you. I don’t even want to hear it.


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