A place for littles.

Everyone needs a place of their own. Even (especially?) our little ones. I’m so glad to see more people moving away from the old pink-for-girls, blue-for-boys decorating schemes (yawn) and opting to let their child’s personality shine through in their personal space. Even shared spaces can be tailored to reflect their owners. What’s your child like? Curious? Reflective? A sparkling wit? A deep thinker? There’s an interior for every tyke and these cozy spaces show us how it’s done.

1. As seen on mali-mo. 2.As seen on Pinterest. 3. As seen on Planete Deco. 4. As seen on Kika Reichert. 5. As seen on decor8. 6. As seen on Fawn & Forest blog. 7. As seen on Babiekins Magazine. 8. As seen on Pinterest.


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