Reimaging the french manicure.

I certainly don’t mind a good trend when one comes around. Ombré hair, high-waisted shorts, hey I’m wearing skinny jeans even as we speak. Though I still say, when it comes to Boho: proceed with caution. But for the most part, I’m pretty classic in my personal style. I believe in the sanctity of the navy cashmere V-neck, the french-striped boatneck, the black ballet flat, the red lip. So when I’m getting my nails did and tired of single-hued tips, I have been known to sometimes opt for a french manicure. Sure, they fell out of fashion for a while, but they remain clean, simple, and they do not detract when kept crisp and short. A french manicure is doable for most, and unabashedly chic.

Lately, I’ve been noticing some very cool and creative retakes on my classic stand-by. Here’s a few that particularly caught my eye.

1. Palest pink with gold and a little sparkle. 2. Metallic green and sapphire color-blocking 3.Beige nude with the thinnest black tip. 4. The ombré trend at your fingertips. 5. The edgy sideways french manicure.

All uncredited images found via Pinterest.


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