Maple syrup as big as your head.


My husband, Mike, opened his email this morning and saw this. What you see here, my friend, would be a stack of what appears to be the biggest, fluffiest pancakes known to man, a side of, oh say, half a pound of bacon, and an amber waterfall of maple syrup being poured from a half-gallon jug that has to weigh at least ten pounds. I managed to stop him before he licked the screen.

This big ol’ jar of golden goodness is a new offering from the good people at Best Made Company. Mike has been a fan of Best Made for a while now, which is kind of funny if you know what a skeptic he is. Yet he has completely bought into the Best Made brand and reputation. If it says it’s “Best Made”, then it’s best made, okay?

So he’s wanting to order this jar of maple syrup and I only have one question: Where are we going to store this thing? I’m thinking I need to clear a space on the kitchen counter for it. It won’t fit into any of our cupboards, and I’d be afraid of the weight of it anyway. This spurred a solution-seeking mission of great intensity and dedication. The conclusion? It will be stored on the pantry shelf where we keep the small appliances. It’s a solid shelf, deep and tall. Problem solved.

So there you have it. Apparently, even Mike’s first world problems are best made.

Image via Best Made.


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